Webasyst application hosting launched

Webasyst application hosting is an easy way to begin using Webasyst applications. Simply sign up on our website. You will not need to download and install the framework – the installation will be completed automatically.

Application hosting is different from ordinary web hosting in that it allows using only applications based on the Webasyst framework. This removes the necessity of complicated setup using special control panels, which is often feasible only for experienced specialists.

Free built-in “Site” app allows managing any number of websites within one installed account and supports all integrated Webasyst applications including Shop-Script 5; e.g., for publishing numerous online storefronts with one backend.

Free and paid periods

Free use during the first 30 days allows you to try out this hosting service and to determine whether it is suitable for your needs. You can also connect your own domain names to your account during this trial period.

Upon expiration of the free 30-day period, if you wish to continue using the application hosting, you need to provide payment in the amount of $6.99/mo. This monthly fee includes the use of basic amounts of server resources (disk space, CPU load, extra domain names) which are sufficient for most users with medium website visit rates. Should you exceed the base amounts, your website will remain operational, and the charge for such extra usage will be included in your next monthly invoice.

Every time extra usage of server resources occurs, you will receive an email notification. If necessary, you can immediately take measures to eliminate its cause rather than pay an extra fee.  More importantly, you can always be confident that, with growing visitor traffic, your websites will never be blocked for usage of server resources above the limits set by your pricing plan.

Webasyst application hosting can be paid for in advance; the account balance system allows you to credit any amount to your account at any time, either as a one-time payment or in several.  Every time the next payment is due the funds are automatically withdrawn from your account balance. The account summary page offers a detailed list of all financial transactions related to your hosting account.

Paid applications

Most Webasyst applications installed in a newly created account are free; if using only those applications, the basic monthly fee ($6.99/mo.) is required solely for use of hosting server resources.

When paid applications are selected in an account (e.g., Shop-Script 5), then the rental price of each such application is added to the basic monthly fee. If you do not want to use paid applications (and to pay for them), you can easily delete them from your account using the “Installer” section.

Monthly payment of the rental price of a paid application does not purchase this application's license. If you prefer, rather than renting the application every month, you may make a one-time purchase of an application license, and continue paying only the basic monthly fee of $6.99/mo.

Domain names

When you sign up for an application hosting account, its main (“technical”) domain name of the form account.host.webasyst.com is created automatically. This is a permanent domain name of your account which is always accessible even when other domains are not (e.g., if you have not paid to renew them). You can always use the main domain name to access and manage data in your account.

Custom domain names (registered via Webasyst or other registrars) are useful for publishing websites on the Internet. You can connect such domain names to your hosting account immediately after the signup. To do so, you need to ensure that your own domain name points to the IP address of the Webasyst hosting servers (there are detailed instructions for that in the domain name management page). It is very useful for fast creation and publication of websites and online storefronts using Webasyst applications using your own domain names.

What is the purpose of the Webasyst application hosting?

Our application hosting is for Webasyst application users. If you like the applications' functionality then this service is the easiest and fastest way for you to begin using them without additional technical hurdles.

Another useful option for hosting service users is the ability to test paid applications before ordering them, if the online demo available on our website is not sufficient for your needs.

If you are planning to develop and test your own Webasyst-based applications, plugins, and other addons, then you will need ordinary virtual hosting which satisfies the system requirements for installation of the Webasyst framework rather than Webasyst application hosting.

Sign up to use Webasyst application hosting with 30 days free trial