Mailer application released

The new Webasyst application "Mailer" for sending newsletters and email notifications is now available for ordering and installation!

In "Mailer" we have implemented guaranteed sending of email messages to an unlimited number of recipients. Any mailing will be completed successfully regardless of the specified number of recipient addresses (setup of cron jobs is necessary). The application takes various technical limitations of web-hosting providers into account (e.g., maximum PHP script execution time) and is capable of completing sending even if you log out of your account — absolutely without any input from your part.

We have done a lot to help you increase the percentage of delivered email campaigns:

  1. Mailing speed control. When you send a message to a large recipient list, it is very probable that there are quite a few email addresses in it which are hosted on the same public mail server. To ensure that such mail servers do not block sender's IP address on suspicion of spamming, there is an option to select a maximum number of message to be sent within a minute.

  2. Filtering of incorrect email addresses. If you tried to send a newsletter to a client who is no longer using his or her mailbox or had incorrectly specified an email address, this address will be automatically excluded from the recipient list in the next mailing. This is also useful to avoid suspicion of spamming by popular mail services (often spam messages are sent to non-existent automatically generated email addresses). "Mailer" helps you to send newsletters only to existing addresses of genuine clients.

  3. Bounced emails tracking. If an email message is not delivered to a recipient, the recipient's server will send an automatic diagnostic notification with a summary of reasons why the message has not been delivered. Such notifications are sent to a special Return-path address. When sending a newsletter using "Mailer", you have an option to specify a separate mailbox for receiving such non-delivery notifications. The application will associate each notification with the corresponding newsletter and will display related statistical information in a comprehensible form. By analyzing these reports, you can take additional measures in order to avoid such failures in the future.

Google Analytics

Newsletters usually contain links to websites, and to count traffic statistics of clicks on such links, you can use the built-in integration with Google Analytics. To do so, simply enable the corresponding option when sending an email message to your clients. This will automatically add a special utm parameter to each link so that you can view statistics related to this very campaign in your Google Analytics account.

The "Mailer" application offers a variety of other useful features, which we are already using to send newsletters to our customers; e.g., detailed sending reports, message templates, personalization variables, built-in subscription form, etc. Read more about all available functions on our website →.

Integration with Shop-Script 5

An important feature of the "Mailer" application is its tight integration with Shop-Script 5 and other Webasyst applications. The recipient list used by "Mailer" is actually stored in "Contacts". You can use the "Contacts" app to group recipients by various criteria into multiple categories and then specify these categories on the recipient-selection page in "Mailer". A message will be delivered to each contact in the selected categories. Shop-Script 5 also creates a special category in "Contacts" and adds all storefront customers in that category.

Integration with WebAsyst Shop-Script

If you are using the previous version, WebAsyst Shop-Script, then you need to install a special plugin to import customers' and newsletters subscribers' email addresses. Upon installation of the plugin in "Installer" an option to import customers from WebAsyst Shop-Script will become available in the recipient-selection page in "Mailer".

License or hosted service

In addition to ordering a license there is an option to use the new application within a Webasyst application hosting account. In this case a small fee is required only for sending a message to each recipient. It is a good opportunity to use "Mailer" without purchasing a license — simply create an account to begin sending good news to your clients!

If you already have an account, install "Mailer" app in one mouse click in "Installer".

Let all your mailings be delivered and read!