Introducing Shop-Script 5.2.2 + Webasyst 1.2.2

For the last few months, our team was busy working on several important tasks for Webasyst and Shop-Script 5. And today I'm proud to present the results of our work — a major update that affected Webasyst PHP Framework and it's core apps: Shop-Script 5, Site, Blog, Photos, and Helpdesk.

Default 2.0

Brand-new responsive design theme family for all basic Webasyst apps — Default 2.0. Starting today, Default 2.0 will be included with every new Webasyst framework archive automatically. See the new theme demo here:

Theme features responsive design optimized for laptops and all modern tablet and mobile devices. Four color schemes are available right out of the box. Theme is great for customizations— just fork from Default 2.0, and start building your beautiful custom themes.


The new Default 2.0 and all other stock themes are now equipped with automatic support for @2x images. Shop-Script 5 and Photos apps automatically generate bigger image thumbnails for users of devices with high pixeldensity displays, e.g. Retina displays. Automated @2x image support significantly improves experience of viewing Webasyst-powered websites using high-end devices.


Product import from CSV files in Shop-Script 5 has been totally reimagined! The new version features new import UI, support for selectable-feature products <{}> and other multiple improvements.

See the updated import guide.


Webasyst's new WYSIWYG editor is powered by Redactor. We've been enjoying features and performance of Redactor for few months now, and now it's your turn — new editor has been integrated into Webasyst framework system, Site, Blog, and Shop-Script apps. Other apps coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Product by-feature filtering now supports numerical and range features.
  • Product by-feature filtering now displays product price and automatically selects SKU depending on search criteria.
  • Added automated discount update on the order edit screen.
  • New hooks backend_order_edit, backend_order.info_section.
  • Fixed checkout flow report display bug.
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes.

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