Shop-Script update: 5.1.2

Shop-Script has been updated to version 5.1.2. What's new in this release:

  • Improved user interface for adding and deleting products from categories and static lists using menu items in the right-hand sidebar, and for easy assignment of tags to multiple selected products.
  • Added printer-friendly version of the order-viewing page (accessible via the “Print” link in the backend).
  • Added authorization option for registered customers available (as a toggle control in the contact info entry page displayed during checkout).
  • Added option for changing category tree style in a design theme template: completely unfolded or only current branch unfolded. The category tree is now displayed using the following code in storefront template sidebar.html:

    {wa_print_tree tree=$wa->shop->categories(0, null, true) selected=$selected_category unfolded=false class="menu-v category-tree" elem ='<a href=":url" title=":name">:name</a>'}

    By default only the currently active tree branch is open, other categories are folded. If you need all categories to be always visible, you need to change the value of the unfolded parameter to true.

  • Backend interface improvements and fixed minor errors and visual defects.