Shop-Script update 5.1.7

Shop-Script has been updated to version 5.1.7. New in this release:

  • Added 3 new design themes: Clear, Sidebar, Nifty.

    All design themes are universal (there is a separate theme for every Webasyst app — Shop-Script, Blog, Photos and Site) and can be installed via Installer for free.

    • All three themes utilize drop-down menus for internal app navigation
    • Adaptive design: all themes are optimized for desktops, wide screens, tablets (iPad), and mobile devices (iOS and Android); appropriate CSS styles are linked dynamically depending on the device type and screen resolution current website visitor is using
    • Shop-Script's image zoom feature in all three themes is powered by Easy Zoom jQuery plugin
    • All new themes are great to be used as a base for creating your own design themes

    See all new themes in the online demo: Switch themes using the selector at the bottom of the page.

  • Improved payment plugins callback handling.
  • Improved verification of in-stock balance and availability for ordering of products added to the shopping cart, which is crucial in situations when products added to the shopping cart are removed from sale or run out of stock; to use this improved functionality in your modified design theme, update the source code of theme files cart.html and cart.js by copying it from the original theme.
  • Added plugin hook backend_order for adding extra functionality to the order-viewing page in the backend.
  • Various system optimizations and bug fixes.