Shop-Script upgrade 5.1.3

Shop-Script has been updated to version 5.1.3. What's new in this release:

  • Added product export to CSV file. You can export product both from "Products" and from "Import/export" screens.
  • Added automated generation of product SKUs based on selected product feature values. For this option to be available, there must be set up at least one product feature of type "Checkboxes (multiple)" for the current product's type. The new product selling mode allows you to automatically generate product SKUs based on all selected feature values. If you do not need some of the generated SKUs, you may delete them.

    The new selling mode also allows your customers to choose the desired product feature values from drop-down lists rather than individual SKUs. Selection of certain combination of features values ensures that the corresponding SKU is added to the shopping cart. To make such lists visible in the storefront, you need to use the up-to-date version of the DEFAULT or CUSTOM design theme. If you would like to preserve your modified theme, you can replace only the following two files: product.html and product.js. In file product.html feature selection lists are displayed by means of the following code:

    {if $product.sku_type}
        <!-- SELECTABLE FEATURES selling mode -->
        {$product_available = $product.status}
            {foreach $features_selectable as $f}
            <select data-feature-id="{$}" class="sku-feature" name="features[{$}]">
                {foreach $f.values as $v_id => $v}
                <option value="{$v_id}" {if $v@first}selected{/if}>{$v}</option>
        <!-- FLAT SKU LIST selling mode --> ordinary SKU selection list is displayed...
  • Price filter added to dynamic category settings.
  • Improvements for storefront design themes.
  • Minor bug fixes.