Shop-Script upgrade 5.1.4

Shop-Script has been updated to version 5.1.4. What's new in this release:

  • Added bulk product image uploading option with fast assignment of uploaded images to new or existing products. Images with similar file names are automatically combined into groups so that you can enter product name, price, and in-stock value for each group in order to create new products with those images.
  • Added product image import option using a CSV file. You can specify either full image URL in a CSV file (at which the image is accessible on the Internet), or only its file name (files with specified names must be uploaded to a separate server directory prior to import).
  • Improved compliance of design themes with W3C validation standards: DOCTYPE has been changed in favor of HTML5, alt attributes have been added to product images.
  • One-page checkout option added to CUSTOM design theme. If you are using a modified design theme or your own theme, then, in order to enable the one-page checkout in your online storefront, simply copy the entire source code from CUSTOM theme templates whose names begin with checkout* as well as the portion of the file which is marked with the /* Checkout */ comment.
  • Shipping modules have been updated to request missing customer address fields required for their operation. For example, a region-dependent shipping module will request the region name on the shipping method selection page during the checkout, if customer has not yet entered this information.
  • Added option to select shipping methods available for each payment method. For example, you may limit the choice of shipping options to self-delivery only for customers who have chosen to pay by cash.
  • Added visibility settings for shipping and payment methods, and for product categories, to be displayed in all or selected storefronts. Selection of shipping and payment options is available in the settlement settings page, and the available storefronts in which a product category should be displayed can be selected in the category settings dialog.
  • WYSIWYG/HTML editor added to product category description field.
  • List of variables available in templates of email notifications and follow-ups added at the bottom of the message-editing area.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.