Shop-Script update 5.1.5

Shop-Script has been updated to version 5.1.5. What's new in this release:

  • Added support for Google Analytics transactions. If your Google Analytics Property ID is saved in "Site" app settings, then with each placed order a special request is submitted to Google Analytics to add a new transaction so that you can use Ecommerce Website Tracking tools in addition to reports available in Shop-Script.
  • Added plugin for applying watermarks to newly uploaded product images. Watermarks are not added to previously uploaded images.
  • Added shipping plugin “Store pickup” which allows setting up multiple order pickup locations.
  • Added option to edit customer comments added to order.
  • Added field for saving custom product page parameters. Custom parameters are used for setup of individual design of product pages in the storefront, similar to those used in product categories.
  • In design themes DEFAULT and CUSTOM storefront style is changed according to the browser window width. In previous versions, CSS styles used in the storefront were defined by the result returned by helper {$wa->isMobile()}
  • Added option to request address fields on the shipping method selection step during checkout, if customer has not yet specified the shipping address. It is useful when the shipping step goes before the contact info step during checkout, because it allows estimating the shipping cost before full address has been specified by customer.
  • Improved address fields editing interface in checkout settings backend screens.
  • Descriptions of new helpers added to design editor's “Cheat sheet”.
  • Improved product search results filtering.