Shop-Script update 5.1.6

Shop-Script has been updated to version 5.1.6. New in this release:

  • Checkout improvements:

    • Multiple improvements in the checkout configuration UI.
    • Contact form's Radio button element improvements: a new configuration option which allows to hide certain contact form fields depending on the currently selected value. Applicable only to radio buttons added to the form after Shop-Script was updated to 5.1.6.
    • The ability to disable contact form validation in the backend checkout (when order is placed by the store administrator on behalf of customer, e.g. phone order).
    • Terms of Service: a new setting of the “Confirmation” order step that automatically adds a checkbox to agree to the terms of service to the storefront checkout.
  • Default and CUSTOM themes improvements:

    • Minor CSS tweaks and bug fixes for Internet Explorer.
    • checkout*.html templates improvements related to handling of unexpected situations and uncommon checkout cases.

      If you are using a modified design theme or your own theme, then, in order to upgrade to the latest checkout functionality in your online storefront, simply copy the entire source code from your source theme theme (either Default or CUSTOM theme) templates whose names begin with checkout* , login.html template file, and the portion of the default.css (Default theme) or (CUSTOM theme) file which is marked with the /* Checkout */ comment.
  • Bug fixes, multiple tweaks addressed to the overall stability improvement.