Update: Webasyst 1.2.0, Site and Photos apps

Webasyst Framework has been updated to version 1.2.0. This update features multiple system and backend UI improvements. Site and Photos apps have been updated with many new useful features.

Webasyst Framework 1.2.0

  • All-new HTML-editor for pages and design templates (Ace)
  • Improved design theme installation routine: Webasyst Store themes can now be installed directly from the design editor
  • Overall stability improvements, multiple minor UI tweaks, bug fixes

Site app 2.1.0

  • All-new HTML-editor (Ace), the ability to install Webasyst Store themes directly from the design editor
  • Multiple backend UI improvements
  • Improved routing management tool
  • Added the ability to make certain pages in the page tree folded, which makes managing large hierarchical websites even more convenient
  • Multiple minor tweaks and bug fixes

Photos app 1.1.0

  • Public Gallery plugin which turns Photos app into a public photo gallery where every registered user can upload photos in the frontend and vote for photos uploaded by other users (plugin is installed via the Installer app)
  • API for the Photos app
  • Multiple backend UI improvements
  • Thumbnails: added the ability to customize JPEG compression quality for thumbnail generation routine