Webasyst CRM

It is a tool for interaction between your team and your clients. The CRM will enable you to organize information flows and to correctly forward them so that you can store and structure useful data for future use and for the implementation of effective marketing.

What Webasyst CRM can help you to do

How visitors become your clients

Every website visitor automatically becomes a registered client in your system, once he contacts your support team, or ask a question in your forum, or subscribes for email newsletters, or posts a comment in your blog.

The right support request management

Webasyst CRM receives messages from your clients and adds them ot a queue. Every request will be assigned to the appropriate employee. Every response to a client will be neatly designed according to your company style. No client request will be missed or forgotten.

Automatic email sending

Your email newsletters will be quickly and reliably delivered to your subscribers using these great features:

  • templates for quick mailings
  • variables for personalized offers
  • smart recipient selection
  • built-in receipt reporting screen
  • ... and much more

Up-to-date knowledge base on your site

Help articles, user manuals, forum, receiving suggestions and bug reports — all this is possible with Webasyst CRM. Create a complete informational environment for your clients so that they are glad to join the online community around your business.