Clients and sales management

Webasyst CRM is excellent for managing your clients database and sales. It will enable you to analyze your clients in various dimensions, to control the loss of loyal customers, and to track new leads, requests, and sales.

Flexible access rights

Set up individual access profiles for your staff, combine them in groups, and create vaults to add more secrecy to selected contacts and deals.

Easy contact management

All contact-related data are well-structured and conveniently accessible. Contacts are great to be worked with in segments, which can be either collected manually or filtered by various criteria; e.g., those who have read the latest bulk email or who have not ordered anything within at least 2 months, etc. Segments are used to perform fast actions on numerous contacts and to build reports.

You can bind notifications to selected contacts to offer your clients a repeated purchase or to simply remind them of your services.

Efficient deal management

Deals, which are conducted within several consecutive stages, and associated tasks assigned to your staff are all displayed in a comprehensive visual form. Completion of scheduled actions is easily controlled. To give your more freedom of choice and comfort, deal-related data can be viewed either as a simple table or as a modern kanban board.

Shop-Script integration

A new order in Shop-Script can create a deal in Webasyst CRM. A deal is added within a selected sales funnel and is bound to an existing or newly added contact. You can distribute deals across managers and to select only desired stages to work on order-related deals. Once a deal is completed, you can add reminders associated with certain contacts to plan further communication with clients.

Integration is supported as of Shop-Script version 7.2.4.

Sales funnels

In Webasyst CRM you can set up as many sales funnels as you like, each containing an individual number and set of deal processing stages. Exactly as your company’s business guidelines require.

Actions timeline

All user actions that are registered and stored within Webasyst CRM are displayed within a common stream of events bound to certain moments of time and dates. Only a couple of clicks will take you to the list of events associated with a certain client or deal.

IP telephony

Before accepting a phone call, you can see up-to-date information about the calling client. The entire calls history is saved within CRM. Connect to IP telephony service Telphin using a free plugin and play recorded phone calls at any time in your browser.

Invoice automation

Send links to invoices to your clients in one click. Choose one of the built-in invoice templates and adjust it to your liking. Install plugins to connect your CRM to various payment gateways so that your clients can pay online, right on the invoice-viewing page.

Very soon we’ll add these new features:

Enhanced Shop-Script integration

We shall keep improving and extending the existing integration between Webasyst CRM and Shop-Script. The next two things we are planning are a two-way synchronization of CRM deal stages with Shop-Script order processing states and more detailed setup for individual online storefronts.


Set up execution of numerous automatic actions linked to various events. For example, sending of emails or SMS, or adding of a reminder like “call the client” — when a client visits your website, when a period of one month upon completion of client’s latest order gets expired, when a non-answered phone call is registered, and many other interesting options.


Receive requests from your clients via all available information channels: website feedback forms, email, telephone, social media, online messengers. Respond to them via any of those channels, too.