Customer reviews

Customer reviews for Shop-Script

Displays customer reviews about products

0.2.0 May 12, 2020
Support for routing rules. Now the plugin can be displayed in any of the "Shop" apps added to the site structure.
0.1.9 December 17, 2019
Added system requirements.
0.1.8 December 10, 2019
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.7 October 24, 2019
Was fixed CSS
0.1.6 October 18, 2019
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.5 October 8, 2019
Added the ability to write answers with uploading photos and their output.
Settings are divided into separate tabs.
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.4 January 7, 2019
Fixed bug of saving plugin settings.
0.1.3 September 8, 2018
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.2 August 31, 2018
- multi-storefront support;
- filtering reviews by product type;
- the link "reply".
0.1.1 April 21, 2018
0.1.0 October 17, 2017
Has been fixed the "Answers limit" bug.
Added the ability to display reviews of a particular product.
{if $wa->shop}{shopCustomerreviewsPlugin::displayReviewsList(['product_id'=>1])}{/if}
0.0.9 August 1, 2017
Added the ability to display the "All reviews" link on the home page.
0.0.8 July 10, 2017
SEO-optimization (filling in the image description in the "alt" tag).
0.0.7 June 1, 2017
Added the ability to change HTML-tags and header classes in the plugin's settings.
0.0.6 January 8, 2017
- choice of storefront to display the plugin;
- trimming the text to the specified length a title of review;
- option for change the border radius of background;
- ability to change the background color in HEX and RGBA format;
- limiting the number of answers for review.

- some styles of certain elements;
- improved the display of the answers.
0.0.5 December 14, 2016
Added the ability to display the answers to reviews.
0.0.4 October 26, 2016
- the ability to use a social network page, as the site of author in review.
0.0.3 August 7, 2016
Added CSS rules for rating and pagination.
Added new option in the plugin settings "URL of all reviews".
0.0.2 July 29, 2016
Fixed a bug of displaying images, when enabled the option "Use original file names" in the "Shop" application settings.
July 28, 2016
First version released.