Product features in lists

Product features in lists for Shop-Script

Features, SKUs, and tags in product lists.

2.4.1 October 27, 2018
Fixed app icons displaying in settings copying dialog.
2.4.0 October 18, 2018
  • Copying of selected settings to other feature sets.
  • Fixed sorting of feature values with displayed product SKUs.
2.3.5 July 9, 2018
Fixed displaying of custom names for “Value x Value x Value” type features specified in plugin settings.
2.3.4 December 16, 2016
Fixed HTML code validity error in color values.
2.3.3 November 22, 2016
Fixed incorrect displaying of "Color" type feature values.
2.3.2 October 18, 2016
Fixed excessive usage of server resources in plugin settings.
2.3.1 October 10, 2016
  • Added correct displaying of non-Latin domain names specified in Punycode in domain settings.
  • Fixed settings saving error for long storefront URLs.
2.3.0 August 8, 2016
Added fields to enter custom META keywords and META description for product listings displayed via feature values links.
2.2.5 July 13, 2016
  • Set description box added to plugin settings.
  • Performance optimization & minor bug fixes.
2.2.4 June 30, 2016
  • Improved compatibility with design themes.
  • Added support for plugin-disabling feature in Installer.
  • For color markers displaying values of "Color" type features, added a hint with the color name.
  • Fixed error in adding missing feature sets for newly added site settlements.
2.2.3 March 18, 2016
Information on how to reduce load on your database server added to plugin settings screen.
2.2.2 March 14, 2016
Fixed displaying of SKUs and feature values specified in the properties of products set up in "Selectable parameters" mode, with some combinations of plugin settings.
2.2.1 February 12, 2016

For products set up in "Selectable parameters" mode:

  • SKU codes and feature values specified for disabled SKUs are now automatically hidden. If necessary, they can be displayed using a a new setting.
  • Added setting to hide feature values specified for SKUs which have run out of stock.

For products set up in "Purchase options" mode: Displaying of feature values for such products has remained unchanged.

2.1.3 December 7, 2015
Improved filtering of duplicate feature values.
2.1.2 November 28, 2015
Eliminated duplicate feature values displaying with various store setup.
2.1.1 November 27, 2015
Adaptation to Shop-Script 6.2.1.
2.0.2 September 23, 2015
  • Variable {$product} made available in HTML templates of feature sets, containing information about current product (in {foreach}...{/foreach} cycle).
  • Improved compatibility with different design themes.
2.0.1 July 28, 2015
Fixed compatibility issue with Shop-Script 6.1.*.
2.1 October 14, 2015
Added support for other apps' frontends other than Shop-Script.
2.0 July 2, 2015
  • For features with selectable values (checkbox, select, color) added option to display each value as a link pointing to the list of products having the same value selected; sort order for displayed products is adjustable in plugin settings.
  • For color features added option to select display mode: color markers & color names / only color markers / only color names.
  • For multi-value features (checkboxes, color) added option to specify custom value delimiter (default delimiter is comma + whitespace or line feed depending on feature type).
  • Added support for unlimited number of storefronts to save plugin settings. Previous version suffered on a limitation with several hundreds of storefronts set up within one backend.
  • Fixed minor visual defects in settings screen.
  • Fixed error in saving feature sets for newly added storefronts.
  • Fixed error of displaying links to the subpages of products not included in any category.
1.4.2 May 1, 2015
Fixed incorrect displaying of multiple feature sets within one product list.
1.4.1 April 16, 2015
Eliminated duplication of plugin settings fields when user did not have access to Installer app.
1.3.2 January 24, 2015
Minor bug fixes.
1.3.1 January 18, 2015
  • Fixed measure units displaying error.
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of "Value × Value" type features.
1.1.2 October 21, 2014
Fixed incorrect displaying of text type feature values ending with zero.
1.1.1 October 16, 2014
Fixed duplicate feature values for products selling in "Selectable features" mode.
1.4 March 29, 2015
  • Added option to display links to products' subpages in the feature list.
  • Added support for multiple features sets per product list
    Note: Such use increases the number of plugin's SQL queries.
1.3 January 14, 2015
  • Added option to display product tags.
  • Added option to display product categories.
  • Tags and category names can be displayed as links to appropriate storefront pages.
  • Adjustable sort order of SKUs, tags, categories, and product features for each set.
  • Added setting to set up custom HTML templates to display product features.
  • Added option to display custom feature names as plain text or HTML.
  • Added new settings field to specify common CSS class for entire feature list.
1.2 November 12, 2014
  • Added option to publish different feature sets in different parts of your storefront.
  • Added option to display product SKUs in feature list.
  • Added option to change the appearance of each feature in the list.
  • Added option to limit the number of displayed values for each feature. Remaining values are either skipped or hidden so that shoppers can view them using a "show all" link.
  • Feature values formatting corrected to match that of Shop-Script 5.

Updated user instructions.

1.1 August 16, 2014
Fixed incorrect handling of "Divider" type features.
July 31, 2014
First version released.