Minimum for Shop-Script

Settings minimum order value

1.3.2 November 28, 2018
Shop-Script 8 support
1.3.1 August 21, 2018
New features:
  • Now you can set the minimum cart value for each storefront;
  • The settings page of the plugin has a new look.

Important! After update please check your settings and check store works correctly.

1.2.1 March 7, 2018
New features:
  • Now you can on/off plugin for any user category;
  • Message adjustment: size, color, align and style;
  • Message template editor added;
  • Manual message placement on the cart page;
  • Debug mode added.
1.1.6 February 3, 2018
Minor optimizations and bug fixe
1.1.5 October 12, 2017
Fixed an issue where plugin doesn't work properly when english locale was used.
1.1.4 January 21, 2017
Bug fixes.

Warning! Structure of the plugin settings was changed. Please check the plugin settings and click the Save button.
1.1.1 November 5, 2016
Fixed an issue where the "Continue order" button was invisible in some themes.
1.1.0 October 27, 2016
The plugin now supports multiple storefronts. You can switch off a minimum value for selected storefronts.
1.0.5 July 13, 2016
Minor optimizations and bug fixes
1.0.4 July 5, 2016
Bug fixes
June 25, 2016
First version released.