1-Click Ordering

1-Click Ordering for Shop-Script 7

1-Click ordering lets you skip checkout proceeding


Template product.html has to contain hook frontend_product.cart, template cart.html - frontend_cart.

In case you don't have this hooks, you would have an opportunity to output the buttons manualy.

Manualy output

If you want to add the button "Buy now with 1-Click" use:
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($product)} - on product page
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($p)} - in the catalog

Instead of array $product you can use product ID.

If you want to add the button "1-Click Cart Ordering" use:

Output the quickorder-button in any place of your template

Manualy output (not in popup)

If you want to output the form inside the page (not popup window), use second parameter:
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($product, true)}

or use field "Use popup quickorder window" in admin area.

Quantity input

You also can use third parameter "Hide quantity". Default value is null. This means that the value will be taken from admin area.
Specify 1, if you want to hide quantity input.
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($product, false, 1)} or
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($product, true, 1)}

Specify 0, if you want to show quantity input.
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($product, false, 0)} or
{shopQuickorderPlugin::quickorderForm($product, true, 0)}

Admin zone:

You can stylish the buttons as you wish. Use html or plain text in the "Field name".

If you want to change order comment use "Comment to the order".

If you want to change the text after successfully accepted order use "Text after successfully accepted order". Use $order_id to indicate the order number.

To change the text after submiting the shopping cart use template checkout.success.html in your theme.

Use "Enable hook frontend_product" and "Enable hook frontend_cart" if you want to enable/disable default buttons output on the product page and cart page.

If your templates have this hooks, the buttons will output correctly.


If you want user purchase more than one product, you'd better have field <input type='text' name='quantity'> in your form.

Design. You can change buttons's style at your CSS theme file.

Buttons: You can output the buttons with your CSS rules or you can overload the rules using .quickorder-custom-button or .quickorder-custom-button-cart("Buy now with 1-Click" button or "1-Click Cart Ordering" button)
Example, change the background: .quickorder-custom-button .quickorder-button { background: #ffcccc; }
.quickorder-custom-button-cart .quickorder-button-cart { background: #ffcccc; }
Popup window: change the header's background: .quickorder-custom-form .quickorder-header { background: #ffcccc; }